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We love the media. Their enthusiasm to cover our adventures and their professionalism is always appreciated and important to us. There are however times that stories and/or articles go to print without an opportunity for us to proof read, and the odd factual inaccuracy creeps in. I apologise if this offends or aggrieves anyone, please appreciate, I will only ever claim credit once due diligence by relevant officials has been done.

Good Things Guy

Almost 9 Hours of Swimming But Another Extreme Swimming Record for Ryan Stramrood!

Ryan Stramrood is only the sixth solo swimmer to achieve the crossing, which he undertook from Miller’s Point near Simonstown to Rooi-Els near Pringle Bay.

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13 April 2021

Today with Kieno Kammies

Ryan Stramrood broke yet another record swimming 34kms across False Bay in a fastest time of 8h39mins

Well known extreme swimmer and inspirational speaker Ryan Stramrood broke yet another record on Thursday 18 March, swimming 34kms across False Bay in a fastest time of 8h39mins, now ratified by the Cape Long Distance Swimming Association (CLDSA). The previous record of 9h17mins from March 2007 is held by Barend Norjie.

13 April 2021

People's Post

Extreme swimmer sets new record

Extreme swimmer and inspirational speaker Ryan Stramrood broke the record for the fastest 33 km swim across False Bay with 38 minutes on Thursday 18 March.

The Rondebosch resident is only the sixth solo swimmer to achieve the crossing, which he undertook from Miller’s Point near Simonstown to Rooi-Els near Pringle Bay. And he did so in 8:39.

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13 April 2021

Men's Health

The Cold Embrace

Awash with physical and mental health benefits, cold-water swimming is making big waves in the wellness industry. Veterans acclimatise themselves to near-freezing temperatures over years. We spoke to Ryan Stramrood, who – among various other frosty challenges – has swum from Robben Island to Blouberg 100 times.

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04 August 2019

GQ South Africa

Into the deep end

What if you could flick a switch that took you from self-protect mode to self-explore? Business owner Ryan Stramrood used endurance swimming to catapult his company to the next level…

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01 August 2019

Metro FM

The Challengers Club: Ep 4: A Culture of Creation

Hosted in the world’s first billboard whisky bar, The Challengers Club is a space for shared opinions and perspectives of success. A selection of South Africa’s most brilliant minds are here to talk about building a society of creators that are focused on ‘making’ and not just consuming. Brought to you by Glenfiddich, the world’s most awarded single malt Scotch whisky.

18 June 2019

SuperSport Showcase

Ryan Stramrood’s 100th Robben Island Crossing

11 June 2019


Extreme swimmer Ryan Stramrood looking forward to 100th Robben Island swim

Kieno Kammies speaks to extreme open-water swimmer Ryan Stramrood, who recently completed his 99th Robben Island swim and is preparing to do his 100th later this month. Although he’s swum all over the world, the Robben Island crossing is still dear to his heart.


14 May 2019

SABC Morning Live

WWF Journey Of Water

The WWF Journey of Water follows a group of South Africans as they walk the length that water has to take to get from source to tap. Ryan was invited as a celebrity influencer to join the team and share his learnings as they visit water stressed communities and abandoned mines.

14 June 2017


SA warms up to Ice swimming

It’s not often you’ll find beach-goers enjoying ice ​-​cold waters. However, open water ice swimmer ​​Ryan Stramrood has made that his second home.

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19 April 2017

Thrive Personality

Limit Less

Meet ice swimmer Ryan Stamrood, the man who’s capable of the impossible.

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01 February 2017

Jacaranda FM

Ryan Stramrood: How he conquered his greatest ‘icy’ goal

We spoke to Ryan about his experience but Rian had another idea up his sleeve. They would conduct the interview with both their feet submerged in a bucket containing ice water that is at two degrees celsius. For Ryan this would be easy, however, Rian some slight difficulty. Take a look – and laugh!

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12 January 2017


Power &… – Season 1 Episode 19

Rocks, mud, waves, ice and…. always higher, faster and more radical! These guys and girls in Power & … only think in superlatives and they push themselves to the limit to get ‘there’ – the point where many of us would never dare to go. These sportsmen and women come from all over the world and pursue a hobby or a way of life in which they continually challenge themselves to get the most out of things, no matter what!

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22 December 2016

Cliff Central

The Gareth Cliff Show (19.12.16)

Ryan shares the next crazy swimming feat he is committing to.

19 December 2016

SPAR Savour Magazine

Guest Celebrity feature

01 November 2016

SA Breaking News

Ryan Stramrood goes wild for Wildlife

Extreme adventurer Ryan Stramrood will become one with the wild and wear a shark-fin all day in aid of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA #GoWildforWildlife campaign on Tuesday. Ryan aims to raise awareness for ocean wildlife and the issues that threaten it. He has four simple pointers that he will be focusing on to help the public make a difference.

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12 September 2016

Two Oceans Aquarium

Ryan Stramrood: Ice and inspiration

A dip into Ryan Stramrood’s swimming CV is impressive, and cold: he has completed 62 Robben Island-to-mainland crossings, swam solo across the English Channel and, as part of a team of South Africans, was among the first South African males to swim from Europe to Africa via the Gibraltar Strait, swam the first official “Ice Mile” in -1°C water, completed the world’s first swim around the southernmost tip of South America – Cape Horn, among his many, many other accolades shared with his like-minded friends who have taken a lead in identifying, planning and conquering their many challenges in the water.

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08 September 2016

Singapore Airlines Inflight Magazine

Ice swimmer Ryan Stamrood on his most dangerous swim

Ice swimmer Ryan Stramrood chats with EUGENE YIGA about swimming in Antarctica, and the reason Iceland left him feeling “petrified”.

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29 July 2016


How Ryan Stramrood transformed from couch potato to ice swimmer

Ryan chats to Erin Bates.

15 July 2016

Women's Health

5 Juicy Questions for Ryan Stramrood

One of our #ManCrushMonday boys, we had to find out what makes this record-breaking Ultra Extreme Open Water and Ice Swimming champion tick…

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01 July 2016

KFM Breakfast

Interview with Ryan O’Connor

Ryan chats to Ryan O’Connor just before he swam back to Cape Town from Robben Island this morning.

26 May 2016

GQ South Africa

Inspirational Man

South African adventurer, business owner, ice swimmer, inspirational speaker and family man; Ryan Stramrood, he shares with us his incredibly brave journey of how he transformed from a quintessential average Joe – who’s favourite past time was being a couch potato – to representing South Africa internationally and setting new world records in ultra extreme open water and ice swimming events.

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14 December 2015


Humble man on a mission to help others

At face value, Ryan Stramrood is your average man. But Ryan is fact an extreme adventurist, travelling the world as a motivational speaker. Some call him a superhuman, but this humble man is on a mission to help others.

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01 September 2015

Cliff Central

The Gareth Cliff Show (13.08.15)

Extreme endurance swimmer Ryan Stramrood pops by to talk Lion Mane Jellyfish and a swim that will make you shiver.

13 August 2015

SA Breaking News

Local swimmer beats the odds to take World First Record

South African swimming legend Ryan Stramrood beat the odds to successfully complete a world first attempt to cross the notoriously difficult North Channel located between north-eastern Ireland and south-western Scotland.

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06 August 2015

Afternoon Express

Guest Appearance

For the most part, South Africans – and Capetonians specifically – cannot stand the cold waters along our shores. Here is a man who not only braves ice cold waters, but enjoys it. In the loft is extreme ice swimmer and motivational speaker Ryan Stramrood.

Following painful, pioneering training techniques and using what limited resources the team can find to put basic safety procedures in place, Ryan challenges himself by pushing personal limits for swimming in ice water, often setting new benchmarks for human endurance while they are at it.

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01 July 2015


Ryan chats to Kieno Kammies about the first International Ice Swimming Champs

Ryan Stramrood, who will be representing SA, has been training in extreme cold water in preparation.

18 March 2015

Expresso Show

Ryan Stramrood shows “impossible” is just a word

26 January 2015

CCTV Africa

South African Arctic Swimmer Plans to swim between Russia & USA

CCTV coverage of Ryan’s International date line crossing.

18 September 2014


SA swimmer to attempt deadly feat

Ryan Stramrood and his team will attempt to swim from US to Russian waters.

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15 July 2014


Interview with Mo Flava

17 November 2013