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Off the Couch | My 5 Coldest Swims

05 June 2018

1. Tyumen, Siberia, Russia

Swim in a pool cut out of a frozen lake

Distance: 1km
Temperature: -33°C (ambient), water 0.3°C
Date: December 2011

2. Arctic Ice Mile

First official ice mile north of the Arctic Circle

Murmansk, Russia
Distance: 1.6km
Temperature: 0.4C
Date: March 2012

3. Antarctica Ice Mile

First official ice mile in Antarctica

Neko Harbour, Antarctica
Distance: 1.6km
Temperature: Water -1°C
Date: March 2014

4. International Ice Swimming Association (IISA) World Championships

First IISA World Championships

Murmansk, Russia
Distance: 1km
Temperature: Water 0.5°C
Date: January 2015

5. Jokulsarlon Ice Swim

Swim in a glacier lake

Distance: 0.75km
Temperature: Water -1°C
Date: November 2016